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Communicator I
The world's oldest telemarketing system manufacturer presents the Communicator I, the most advanced telephone message delivery and lead generating system in the world today. Let our system do the burdensome cold calling and canvassing for sales and leads for you. It easily finds the prospects and leads (people interested in your product or service) that you need to make your business prosper.

The Communicator I is an automatic telephone dialer (autodialer) and message delivery system, that is capable of performing all telemarketing tasks: Generating Leads, Finding Prospects, Canvassing for Sales, Advertising your product or Service, Contacting your members or clients to Notify, Remind or Alert them.
  • 1 or 2 line operation
  • Makes up to 4,000 calls a day
  • Hardware hang up detect
  • Stand alone operation, no computer required
  • Reliable solid State Operation
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Your recorded messages in its memory are delivered to individual or large groups of phone numbers. The Communicator I calls and makes a presentation about your product or service, carrying on a natural, two-way conversation with the called party delivering your message and recording their responses, including names, addresses, phone numbers and other responses, separating the interested from the disinterested.

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