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What makes our Communicator I system different?
  • This is a stand-alone system
  • You don't need to be a computer expert to run our system
  • Our system does not require a computer to function
  • No need to add hardware to your computer
  • No complex software to install
  • Built-in floppy drive for storing & loading your messages
  • Build-in printer automatically prints out the phone numbers of your leads
The Communicator I is an automatic telephone dialer (auto dialer) and message delivery system. Use it for all telemarketing purposes, to generate leads, find prospects, canvass for sales, advertise your product or service, contact your members or clients, to notify, remind or alert. You can record messages into its memory and have it deliver those messages to a particular phone number or large groups of numbers at a designated time. Communicator I can call and make a presentation about your product or service. Communicator I carries on a natural, two-way conversation with the called party. It can give prospects your message about what you have to offer and then it records their responses, including names, addresses and phone numbers. It separates the interested from the disinterested. QUALIFIED LEADS ARE THE RESULT.

Communicator I delivers any message, in any voice or language, about any business--retail, wholesale, non-profit or service related. Communicator I is voice activated. Its message doesn't begin until the called party answers. If the party should hang up, Communicator I simply disconnects and makes the next call. Communicator I is fully automatic. Once you input the message, the block of numbers you want it to call, and the dialing times, it keeps on working until all the calls are made.

It can work 24 hours per day for you for notification purposes. Or if you are letting it do telephone solicitation, to generate leads, it defaults to working from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, 7 days per week, 365 days per day. It never needs a break. It never takes a sick day.

Your enthusiastically delivered, professionally planned message is uniformly conveyed to every prospect. Communicator I can help eliminate the high turnover of sales personnel by consistently securing qualified leads in quantity for your sales force.

Communicator I is relentless, consistent and enthusiastic. It relieves the monotony to individuals who make hundreds of routine calls by rendering an identically effective message to each and every respondent. Communicator I, is so fast and efficient that it can replace a roomful of telephone solicitors. Communicator I can improve your cash flow and create leads and sales for you.

Where else could you enlist a non-stop, indefatigable worker who is oblivious to rejection, never gets sick, never takes a coffee break, never asks for a raise, requires no fringe benefits or payroll taxes and needs no training or supervision?

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