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Advantages of the Communicator I
stand alone system
An Intel Dialogic based system

“Let the buyer beware!!!”

Why should you buy a dialer from Singer Electronics?

1. NO OTHER telemarketing system has a HANGUP/RESULTS feature to determine where your message loses its effectiveness. On command our system tells you how many people hung up while the outgoing message is being played for every second, up to 60 seconds. So if you see that 200 people hung up on it at the 11th second, it's high time to change your message, to keep them listening longer. Or if it's obvious that too many people are hanging up at 22 seconds, then again, you should change the message to keep their interest level up and to make the commitment to leave their name and phone number. THIS FEATURE IS THE ONLY WAY TO DETERMINE WHERE YOU'RE LOSING THEM. This is the ONLY way to gauge the effectiveness of your message whereby you will know FOR SURE at what point you need to change your message to get the called party to listen longer and leave their name as a prospective buyer. NO OTHER SYSTEM HAS THIS FEATURE. You can stumble along with their system, testing message after message, but if you don't have the data to know FOR SURE when your message is losing its effectiveness you're simply wasting your efforts. Do you want to spend MONTHS gauging the effectiveness of your message or do you want to spend just one day? Yes you'll know that your message isn't effective after just one day with their system, if you don't get much in leads. But where are you losing them? Do you need to just change a few words of your script or come up with a totally new script, which will involve a lot of time and money? Our dialer ALONE offers you this HANGUP/RESULTS feature to ensure your immediate and continued success.

2. This hangup/data feature is possible ONLY if the auto dialer you're using has a hangup detect THAT WORKS. Some dialer salesmen will tell you anything to make a sale. We've even heard them claim that their card dialer WILL hang up when the called party hangs up. Ask them to demonstrate that to you. Tell them to have their machine call you. Hang up at some point and then pick up your handset again to see if the machine is still on the line. Don't be surprised if the message is still being delivered. A card dialer will only hang up when the called party hangs up if you're calling through old, analog lines. Those old lines send a voltage drop to the phone company and then back to the calling party, if the called party hangs up. But newer digital and fiber optic lines DON'T send a signal back to the calling party. They only send the signal back to the phone company, for billing purposes. So unless your card dialer has some sophisticated hangup detect hardware and software, IT WILL NEVER HANG UP when the called party hangs up. It ignores the hangup and keeps on delivering its message to an empty line. 99% or more of called people hang up at some point during the message. Most hang up right after they realize it's a sales call. So if a 4 line system spends most of its time talking to an empty line, HOW PRODUCTIVE WILL IT BE?

3. Because of our hangup feature you'll find that our 2-line dialer will make just as many phone calls, per 12 hour day, as a 4-line card dialer. No time is wasted delivering a 1 minute message, talking to an empty line. Our system is much more productive because of this feature. Most of our customer report that our 2-line system makes 4,000 calls per day, which is about what their 4-liner makes. Can you really afford to buy a card dialer?

Phone lines cost you approximately $35.00 per month. You need to use 4 phone lines in order to reach the productivity of our 2-line system. That means you're paying $70.00, per month, MORE just in phone line costs. That's $840.00 in one year, $4,200.00 more in 5 years. So again, the big question, can you really afford a card dialer?

4. No one else has our ABC feature where the A message is delivered to those saying "hello", the B message to longer responses, like businesses and the C message to answering machines.

5. No one else has our ABX feature where the A and B messages are delivered as in #4, but when it reaches an answering machine it saves those numbers and redials them in the evening, when most people are home and then delivers the A message.

6. Card dialers don't do pre-dialing. In pre-dialing our system starts making calls before and after the normal dialing session, like from 8:00 to 9:00 and 21:00 to 22:00 (military time). It finds out which numbers are in service and which are "bad" numbers, such as modems, faxes and numbers not in service. It never rings more than once. Often half or more of the phone numbers in a prefix are not in service, which means that your system could be dialing all day and not reaching many people. Pre-dialing finds out which numbers are "good" and then dials only those during its normal dialing session. Your system could be 50% more productive using this feature.

7. No one else has the safeguards to shield you from dialer restriction laws, like caller i.d. blocking, 500,000 number do-not-call list and two hangup detects.

8. No one else has the capability to analyze dialer problems and fix them quickly. Software changes are usually made overnight.

9. Our company has manufactured dialers since 1980. Other companies are practically start-ups and have no real knowledge and experience to assist you effectively in this revolutionary industry.

10. This is our third generation dialer. Our previous models were the Mark III and the Mark V. We were always the leader of the industry. There used to be 20 dialer manufacturers. Where are they now?

Why should you NOT buy a card dialer (computer based dialer)?

1. It seems that there is currently a flood of card or computer based dialers on the market. Anyone who has any training or knowledge in computer programming suddenly sees a gold mine in front of him. He can take a used $200.00 Dialogic board, add a $200.00 computer and some software and presto, he's got himself a dialer to sell for 10 times his money. Prospects are usually "snowed" by extravagant marketing material that makes the opportunity look fabulous and wonderful. They go on in page after page of their printed matter making extremely extravagant claims, when reality is not as lavish. A company out of Sheridan, Indiana sold 15,000 computer/business opportunity packages. After the FTC investigated them it was revealed that not a single one of their customers had made enough money to even pay for their systems. So we suggest, "investigate thoroughly, then decide." And don't necessarily buy the lowest priced system, because as you've already found out from experience, you get what you pay for!!

2. So why would it not be a good business decision to purchase a computer-based dialer? There are lots of reasons. We've been in the dialer business for 34 years and would have made a card dialer many years ago if it was indeed beneficial to our customers. Those of you that already have a computer know about some of the problems that are inherent with a computer. A computer FREEZES or locks up every once in a while. The only way to "unfreeze" it is to shut it off and reboot. When that happens you know that you lost all the entries and programming you were working on. If a card dialer locks up YOU LOSE ALL THE PROGRAMMING, too. You'll never know where it left off in its day's dialing. Who got your message and who didn't? At what number do you have it start again? You'll either miss a bunch of potential prospects or else seriously irritate people by calling them again with the same message. What about the other projects you were working on? They'll be lost, too!! This doesn't happen with our Communicator I. It does only one thing. It makes calls to get you leads and make you money-therefore, IT NEVER FREEZES. Because computers crash or "freeze" when they're multi-tasking, we decided not to make a card dialer. We simply don't want to sell a product which may offer some benefits but also brings with it the potential for added problems and stress to our customers. Good pc's cost less than $500.00. We suggest that you buy one, but don't overload it with a number of tasks. When you're using your word processor and searching the web at the same time, there's a good potential for it to crash. Fewer problems will surface if it has less to concentrate on. But if you add a dialer program to this mix, simply be prepared for disaster, because it WILL crash and will have to be shut down and all the work you had in progress WILL BE LOST.

3. But they argue, you can get a message delivery dialer AND a computer on which you can multi-task, that is, do other things, like word processing, accounting, etc., WHILE the dialer portion is working to get you leads, "and this computer is designed to never crash." If you like begging for trouble, then go ahead and get one of those systems. But don't forget, if that system freezes at some point you not only lose all the work you did during that session but also all your dialing information!!! Besides that, if you'd purchase a $500.00 computer locally you'd get local support. How much support will you get from a card dialer re-seller when your system crashes? Was it his software or some of the other software you're also running?

4. If you're intent on buying the cheapest system possible, then follow this suggestion. People constantly give their old pc's to Goodwill. You might be able to pick one up for $100. It will be comparable to the pc the card dialer distributors sell you. Then go online and look for auto dialing software. Shareware is free. You could be in the telemarketing business for $100. If you like to waste time and money, then follow these suggestions. But if you want a system that will work flawlessly from day 1, then call us.

5. But there's still a bigger drawback. Card dialers DON'T hang up when the called party hangs up. So they end up spending most of their time delivering the message to an empty line because most people hang up, once they realize it's a sales call. We have manufacturers of card dialers who also sell our system simply because of our unique hangup feature. Our system is also very easy to use and extremely portable and has other unique features. You may not know this, but Congress passed a law in 1991 stating that a dialer has to hang up within 5 seconds of the called party hanging up. NONE OF THE card dialers that we know about are compliant with this law. You like begging for trouble? Then get a card dialer!

6. So how do these card dialer manufacturers convince you to buy their system? They lie to you to make the sale or sell you on price and when you put their machine on line you'll soon notice that you can't confirm if the machine hangs up like it's supposed to because they WON'T LET YOU MONITOR the outgoing call. You can't hear what's going on when the machine is making its calls. Card dialer distributors ARE VERY SLY. To avoid getting caught in the big lie that their machine will most certainly hang up when the called party hangs up, their machine is designed so YOU CAN NOT MONITOR THE CALL, you can't hear what's going on while it's dialing, delivering its message and recording responses. You can see on the screen that it's calling, but you never know who or what answers, how they're responding or when they hang up. VERY CLEVER, right? It's YOU the consumer who's the loser in this, because what you're doing is simply taking steps to irritate the public. Most people don't mind if they pick up the phone and there's a machine pitching them. They can hang up quickly enough. But if they want to use the phone 30 seconds later and the machine is still on the line they'll get irate, real fast. If they need to use the phone and your card dialer is tying up their line, you've suddenly got an enemy to deal with. It's like shooting yourself in the foot. You want your machine to reach friendly people who don't object to getting calls from dialers? But if your machine MAKES THEM ANGRY, how will your call be received the next time you call them? The worst part is that if they have an emergency and keep slamming the phone down to get rid of the machine, then yell at it when the machine beeps, hoping for a lead, the system will never hang up. If you have a 1 minute script, with 4 questions, it may take 3 minutes for the call to conclude. And YOUR machine caused the emergency situation to rise to fever pitch. Next thing they're on the phone to the attorney general and their State legislator to pass stringent anti-dialer laws. Is this what you want to happen? Or do you want to see your name smeared in the papers? Then DON'T use a dialer that doesn't have a hangup detect!!!

7. One card dialer distributor is touting the fact that you can load files of over a million phone numbers into the machine. You can buy or they can provide you with lists of numbers of everyone who has a telephone. They say their machine can make a call and say, ". . . if you'd like to hear this message, press 1 . . . if you DON'T want us to call you again with a recorded message, press 2 . . ." Their machine then automatically puts the phone number of those that pressed 2 in a "do not call" list, so they won't be called again. Pretty slick, right? But there are SEVERAL PROBLEMS with this "incredible" feature. ATT will tell you that 35% of the phone numbers in today's telephone book will be different next year. Another fact: 20% of the population moves every year. So if you're dialing from a NUMBER LIST you will reach a goodly amount of numbers that are no longer in service. As you know, it will take you many months to dial a million numbers and by that time, many of those numbers from that list will no longer be in service. By next year when you may want to use that number list again 20% and possibly up to 35% of those numbers will no longer be good, working numbers. Why then buy a number list in the first place? We recommend that you use prefix dialing, where our machine reaches EVERY number that's in service at the time you're making the call.

8. But there are more potential problems with using the "press 2" feature. Next year when you want to call those same numbers again it will have a big list of "don't call numbers" in memory. Very likely a good percentage of those "don't call numbers" will now be assigned to someone else. So, first of all, your existing list will have a lot of numbers that are now "not in service" and second, the "don't call me again" numbers will now be assigned to new homeowners. It's like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. "Why are you doing that?" "Because it feels good when I stop." This "press 2" feature will only hurt you and rob you of the chance to reach everyone in your community with your offer. Their glorified machine with its million+ number capacity is overkill, at best and it will only hurt you. Is this what you really want?

9. Have those card dialer dealers told you that you'll be spending an HOUR, per day, to take your leads off, whereas it only takes MINUTES, per day, to take your leads off our machine? This is because our hangup and answer detect is far superior to theirs. We've been perfecting ours for almost 34 years. They are STARTUPS who don't even have a hangup detect. Try this. Call a friend and have them hang up. Then stay on the line. In 10 seconds or less you'll hear a loud, obnoxious, off-hook signal. Whenever a card dialer calls and the called party hangs up at some point during the message it isn't long before the phone company automatically plays that irritating "off hook" signal. It's intended to alert you in case you didn't put the handset into the cradle properly. But if your machine made the call and didn't sense the hangup it will continue to talk to an empty line and pretty soon it's talking to the "off-hook" signal. And when it's time to record the response, the lead, since the live person has already left the line, it records the "off-hook" signal for your listening pleasure. Imagine LISTENING to an hour of "off-hook" signal EVERY DAY, while you're trying to take your leads off. It's worse than Chinese water torture. But they didn't tell you that, did they?

10. They'll also tell you that their system is very user friendly and easy to use. Can they send you their system, have you plug it in and away she goes dialing? OF COURSE NOT!!! What kind of learning curve will there be for you, especially for those of you not owning a degree in computer science? Would you rather spend your time selling, to make money, or reading manuals to figure out what's going on with your machine?

11. Card dialers mostly use Dialogic boards. We can update our software overnight and send you updates by email. You can also pull up our web site and access the latest software at your convenience. The software updates are free of charge. Do they do this? And how many weeks or months do they take to update their software?

12. And NO, THERE IS NO LAW REQUIRING YOU TO USE A NUMBER LIST TO DIAL FROM. That's another lie we've heard disseminated.

13. Most card dialers don't let you program them via another phone.

14. Most card dialers don't let you get your leads from another phone. If you have your machine working at the office it might at times be convenient to call it from home to get your leads. If your appointment was a no-show just call our system via cell phone to get more leads.

15. You'll find that your machine will even get more leads in smaller towns, because they're not inundated with human phone solicitors, like big cities are. To save long distance charges put the machine into a friend's house. Then call it once or more, per day, to get your leads. Can you do this with a card dialer? What about portability, moving the machine from place to place? What if you wanted to let your church use your machine for a while? What kind of a headache would you have then, having to take apart and then set up your computer system at another location? And moving it back again? Ouch!!

16. We have a built-in printer. It automatically prints out the phone numbers of the leads and other statistics, at the end of the day, including the HANGUP/RESULTS. This eliminates another potential source of problems for a computer system, locking up while it's multi-tasking.

17. Our system is small and easily transportable. It is very inexpensive to ship if it ever needs to come in for service. If your Dialogic board ever needs service are you qualified to take it out and re-install it, properly? Or will you have to ship the whole computer in for service?

18. It's very easy to troubleshoot our system. If you're doing other things with your computer based card dialer and it locks up and freezes, who can figure out what caused the problem? Was it your dialing software or was it a glitsch in some of your other programming? Our system is extremely reliable-you set it and forget it. If problems occur, we can fix them very quickly. Most software or hardware problems are fixed within 24 hours. We don't take hardware that was designed for voice mail and then add a dialing capability. Ours is a system that was designed from the ground up to quickly and effectively make phone calls to get you leads, to make you money and to shield you from potential problems in the telemarketing field.

19. We put your message into the machine, plus the phone numbers and dialing times. When your machine arrives, you take it out of the box, plug it in and within 5 seconds it's already making calls to get you leads. It can already be working to get you more customers while you're reading the manual to find out why it's doing what it's doing. You don't need to be a computer expert to assemble all the parts correctly. You don't need hours to "get your system going." Ours is on-line and functioning in seconds.

20. When your leads are played back to you the date and time the lead was recorded is also revealed. This feature may save you hours of time. You can call them at the time they left the lead, which means they'll be home during that time period, too.

21. Everything about our machine was designed for maximum efficiency and productivity. If you can run an answering machine, you can run our system. In fact, if you have a disability, we can even program the machine for you, right over the phone. Just tell us what message you want delivered, the phone numbers you want it to call and the start and stop times. We can program everything right from our office.

22. Our professionally recorded messages are the best in the industry. We've got over 10,000 messages in our library and almost 20 years of experience in knowing which fine-tuned messages pull most effectively. The combination of the best system in the industry and the best messages ensure your success.

23. When you call us, we answer the phone, ready to assist you with your dialing needs. We don't hide behind answering machines. If you can't talk to them directly now, imagine what it will be like AFTER the sale. If you already have a computer you know that when you call for assistance you may be on hold for an hour before a technician finally answers your call. That won't happen with us. When you call, a live person answers, who can hook you up with qualified staff to solve your dialing problems.

24. We've been in the dialer business for over 34 years. We have the knowledge, the strength and expertise to guide you to success in your telemarketing efforts.

25. We recently sold one of our systems to an insurance agent who had purchased a card dialer a month before. He told us, "It's exactly as you describe." They sold me their machine. I have many questions. I've had it a month and can't get it going. I've called them, repeatedly. I always reach their answering machine. But they never return my call. It's exactly as you described it in your material."

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