Singer Electronics 34 years in the auto dialer, telemarketing system business What this auto dialer, telemarketing system does and how it works.
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New contact phone number as of 8-1-18, 458-212-9786

Due to the death of our founder Ernie Singer we are no longer open for retail sales. We have new units on close out and are available for service work. Please note that our phone numbers have changed.

My dad started this company in 1981 after being a printer, contractor, hardware and lighting store owner. He was an emigrant who came to the United States after having been a refugee during WW2. The company started after he purchased a dialer from an early producer for promoting his contracting company. That lead him to doing well enough that he sold several units. Then in true entrupenurial spirt he thought he could do better. Finding an engineer our first unit was born, the Mark III. That would lead to the Mark V and then to the Dominator and finally the Communicator I.

Ernie lost his battle with cancer in early 2014.
Ernie and Matthew Singer on Greyback pass in California, 6-16-2013.
Ernie and Matthew Singer in 2013

The world's oldest auto dialer, telemarketing system manufacturer presents the Communicator I,
the most advanced auto dialer, telephone message delivery and lead generating system in the world today.
Let our auto dialer, telemarketing system do the burdensome cold calling and canvassing for sales leads for you. It easily finds the prospects and leads (people interested in your product or service) that you need to make your business prosper.
    Our auto dialer,
    telemarketing system:
  • Generates leads
  • Makes sales
  • Notifies
  • Reminds
  • Alerts

Need leads? Want more sales?
Then put our auto dialer, telemarketing system to work for you!

Telemarketing with an auto dialer is the most cost effective method of advertising in the world today. Low one-time investment. After that it works for you for FREE for the rest of your life.
Autodialer, Telemarketing Systems available for rent, lease or direct purchase.
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